Efficient glass façade with perfect colour matching

In a suburb of Belgrade, a private builder fulfilled his dream of a spacious villa with attractive views of the city. Situated on a hillside property, the detached house designed by the local architecture firm Autorski Atelje Spajic convinces with its transparent building envelope by Glas Trösch.

For the northeast-facing front façade, triple insulating glass with the SILVERSTAR COMBI 70/35 coating was chosen. With an Ug value of only 0.5 W/m²K, the light transmission is an impressive 61 percent. The perfect matching between the railing system and façade glass, which comes in exactly the same colour, deserves special mention. The glazing used more sparingly on the back of the house has been selected to withstand the strong sunlight from the south-west. The SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 61/32 coating was used here.

Glass production

Approximately 3‘000 tons of basic glass are produced in our 4 EUROGLAS flat glass plants daily.

Glass coating

Whether thermal insulation, solar protection or special coatings – the Glas Trösch and Euroglas coating plants trust in quality and innovation.

Exterior processing

At the various Glas Trösch plants in Switzerland, Germany and the Ukraine, basic glass is processed by a wide range of means for the EXTERIOR Division.

Interior processing

Setting accents, conjuring ambience, creating pleasurable moments. At the Glas Trösch Switzerland and Glas Trösch Germany processing facilities we gladly help you realize your ideas.


Glass is not just glass. We solve even the most special requirements – for example for the automotive sector – with long-standing experience and intense enthusiasm.

Technical glass

Precision and perfection – the standard for the EuropTec Group and HY-TECH-GLASS when it comes to technical glass.