Mountain Summit Restaurant Chäserrugg

The newly erected mountain station at 2,262 meters above sea level takes in the unique nature of the Chäserrugg and gives visitors the opportunity to experience impressive experiences on the summit. The world-famous architects Opens external link in new windowHerzog & de Meuron designed a unique mountain lodge: They integrated traditional elements of local architecture, combined functionality and aesthetics in a clever way without falling into the stereotype of the "Alpenchics".

You get a view thanks to the large-sized insulating glass from Glas Trösch, that are able to withstand even extreme weather conditions. The planners used the Opens external link in new windowextra-white EUROWHITE as the basic glass: thanks to its extremely high light transmission it offers a very good color rendering index and thus a high degree of transparency. While a low level of reflection allows unobstructed views from the inside of the building, the 14% external reflection benefits bird protection: birds recognize the glass early as an obstacle thus minimizing the risk of an impact.

Glass production

Approximately 3‘000 tons of basic glass are produced in our 4 EUROGLAS flat glass plants daily.

Glass coating

Whether thermal insulation, solar protection or special coatings – the Glas Trösch and Euroglas coating plants trust in quality and innovation.

Exterior processing

At the various Glas Trösch plants in Switzerland, Germany and the Ukraine, basic glass is processed by a wide range of means for the EXTERIOR Division.

Interior processing

Setting accents, conjuring ambience, creating pleasurable moments. At the Glas Trösch Switzerland and Glas Trösch Germany processing facilities we gladly help you realize your ideas.


Glass is not just glass. We solve even the most special requirements – for example for the automotive sector – with long-standing experience and intense enthusiasm.

Technical glass

Precision and perfection – the standard for the EuropTec Group and HY-TECH-GLASS when it comes to technical glass.