Innovation and quality for four genereations

Entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for quality and the willingness to take risks: Glas Trösch, a family-owned business for four generations, embraces and continues to build on these key values every day. The company’s foundations were laid by the glass specialist Johann Friedrich Trösch (1874–1954) in 1905 when he went into business on his own in Bützberg with a photoceramic establishment for company signs and marble slabs made of glass and porcelain.

The second generation, headed by Rudolf Friedrich Trösch (1907–1992), expanded the product range to include the first mirrors, glass sliding doors and glass shelving.

By the third generation under the brothers Heinz and Erwin Trösch (1954–2001), Glas Trösch had become one of Europe’s leading family-owned businesses and a major employer in the Oberaargau region. Insulating glass is a key new product in this era. Further production sites in Switzerland and Germany are opened.

The fourth generation with the current President of the Board of Directors Erich Trösch builds its own float glass factories, thereby ensuring an independent internal supply of this glass. Today, as in the past, the company champions top quality and unerring customer centricity. In so doing, Glas Trösch aims to be regarded as a top family-owned European business for the production and processing of flat glass.

Happy customers, dedicated employees, continuing innovation, consistent growth and green production methods are the mainstays of our established corporate philosophy – now going back four generations.

Glas Trösch history/timeline

Johann Friedrich Trösch gains a reputation as a specialist for inscribed glass and a pioneering method for rendering images on glass and porcelain.

Rudolf Friedrich Trösch, son of Johann Friedrich Trösch, founds today’s public limited company and, with a glass-cutting workshop and mirror production shop, lays the foundations for the company’s future industrial development.

The next generation, under Heinz and Erwin Trösch, sets the basis for the group of companies’ rapid and successful expansion with a pioneering insulating glass production method.

The company starts dealing in and later also manufactures SWISSLAMEX windscreens. Trösch Autoglas rapidly becomes an established partner to garages and bodywork shops. From Alfa to Zastava, everything is produced in-house.

Production of the SWISSDUREX tempered safety glass gets underway. The SWISSLAMEX laminated safety and bulletproof glass follows a short time later. Glas Trösch now employs around 330 people.

Entry into large-scale vacuum coating with start-up of the magnetron coating plant in Bützberg and the market launch of the latest generation of SILVERSTAR thermal insulating glass products. The SUNSTOP low-e coatings and LUXAR non-reflective glass will follow.

In the fourth generation, engineer Erich Trösch commissions the EUROGLAS flat glass plant in Hombourg, Alsace, with daily production of 500 tonnes of glass. Ninety years after founding, around 1,380 people work for the family-owned business.

The second glassworks is built in Haldensleben, near Magdeburg. This assures the group of companies a long-term supply of raw material.

The acquisition of the Schwabenglas Group in Germany boosts the Glas Trösch workforce to 2,500 employees worldwide.

Another EUROGLAS plant is inaugurated in Osterweddingen, Germany.

Production of laminated safety glass is expanded with start-up of the EUROLAMEX Osterweddingen (D) and SWISSLAMEX Bützberg plants.

Glas Trösch acquires the insulating glass company TOV LineWood Artjomowks (Ukraine). The automotive division is relocated to Trimbach. The company now employs some 3,110 people.

The fourth and largest float glass plant, with a daily production of 1,000 tonnes, is inaugurated in Ujazd, Poland.

A new insulating glass plant is built in St. Gallen-Winkeln. In Ukraine, Glas Trösch acquires the Evroglass insulating glass factory with new locations and a branch in Moldavia. The number of employees rises to over 4,600.

The acquisition of Mecaplex and Josef Weiss Plastic (JWP) allows Glas Trösch to grow its solutions in the automotive field. Across Europe, more than 4,700 people now work for the company.

Following reintegration of the EuropTec plants with the Technical Glass division, the Glas Trösch Group now has 70 plants.

With effect from 1 January 2018, Erich Trösch hands over the position of CEO to Fabian Zwick after 16 years in order to focus on his duties as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Glas Trösch Holding AG.