Glass production: in-house float glass plants assure our independence

EUROGLAS was created in 1993 with the support of several medium-sized partners and today is one of the largest glass-producing companies in Europe. The four EUROGLAS facilities in Haldensleben (D), Osterweddingen (D), Hombourg (F) and Ujazd (PL) produce float glass, extra-white glass for solar applications, laminated safety glass and coated glass for applications in the area of thermal and sun protection, and semi-finished products for the thin-film photovoltaic industry.

Over 3,000 tonnes of float glass are produced every day. An independent supply of glass guaranteed by internal processing plants is an important element of the company’s success.

Since the 1960s, flat glass is manufactured using the float glass process. The most important raw material is silica sand, followed by soda, dolomite, lime and other mineral constituents. Recycled glass fragments are also used, and everything is weighed to the gram before being mixed. The raw materials are fed into the melting furnace, which operates at a temperature of 1,600 °C. Once it has been fired up, the furnace continues to run around the clock for some 15 years. The pasty glass mass is guided onto a bath of liquid tin. Due to its specific density, it floats on this liquid. The surface tension of the two materials produces a very flat ribbon of glass, and the thickness of the glass is then set using top rollers. It is theoretically possible to manufacture glass with a thickness of 2 to 19 mm. At present, EUROGLAS produces glass with a thickness of 3 to 12 mm. After shaping, the ribbon of glass enters the annealing lehr with rollers. To ensure the glass is not stressed, it is slowly cooled from just under 600 °C to 60 °C before being cut into what are known as lehr end sizes with standard dimensions of 3,210 x 6,000 mm. The flat glass is now ready for onward processing.





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