Glass coatings: comfort all year round

Modern glass facades are an expression of contemporary architecture. Glass ensures plenty of natural daylight, which has a direct positive influence on well-being and quality of life. However, large areas of glass may also give rise to undesirable heat build-up in summer. SILVERSTAR solar control insulating glass units permit optimum use of the natural light source and can also prevent solar energy causing excessive increases in room temperatures. With SILVERSTAR solar control glass, the indoor climate remains pleasant and comfortable even in summer while energy costs for air-conditioning are also reduced. These interrelated functions optimise the overall energy management of buildings in a cost-effective way.

We offer a wide range of solar control products with balanced ratios of light transmission (LT value) and total solar energy transmittance (g value) in order to satisfy individual needs related to building services engineering.

SILVERSTAR SELEKT: The colour-neutral insulating glass provides the optimum combination of solar protection and thermal insulation for a pleasant indoor climate throughout the year. SILVERSTAR SELEKT is therefore also described as "4-seasons glass".

SILVERSTAR SUPERSELEKT: The SILVERSTAR SUPERSELEKT insulating glass units are optimised to achieve the highest possible selectivity (ratio of luminous transmission factor and total solar energy transmittance).

SILVERSTAR COMBI: The SILVERSTAR COMBI insulating glass offers a balanced range of colour-neutral and colour-nuanced coatings with graduated light transmission and total solar energy transmittance values.

SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP: Insulating glass units which have been optimised to guard against the sun, offer the best protection against solar radiation. Thanks to the coloured appearance of the strongly reflective glasses, SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP also opens up exceptional design opportunities.

The complex SILVERSTAR coating systems reflect the long-wave infrared ray component of the incident solar radiation, which is primarily responsible for heating up interior spaces. The short-wave, visible radiation, on the other hand, passes through almost unhindered. In this way, solar control coatings reduce the inward transmission of energy, while still allowing natural daylight to enter the room.

The special magnetron combi coatings used for the SILVERSTAR SELEKT, SILVERSTAR SUPERSELEKT and SILVERSTAR COMBI also ensure good thermal insulation in winter. An additional thermal insulation coating for triple insulating glass reduces the heat loss even further. This multifunctional property makes the insulating glass units a valuable building material for various application areas. SILVERSTAR SUNSTOP also offers the facility to cut heat losses efficiently by using additional colour-neutral SILVERSTAR thermal insulation coatings.

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